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Labradorite Square Stud Earrings
Labradorite Stud Earrings  Square Design

Labradorite Stud Earrings Square Design

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Fiery Labradorite silver stud earrings with 7mm stones. Made in our Sheffield studio by jewellery designer Andrew Thomson.

As all stones are created naturally, each one is unique and may therefore vary from the image. However we guarantee they are of the highest quality and handpicked specifically for each design.

Now a little bit about the stone...

A normal labradorite is usually blue or blue green, lavender blue, or even yellow in color. Labradorite crystals display a mix of all these colours, which make them look really mesmerising and eye catching! Aside from mining locations in the USA, labradorite can also be found in countries like Mexico, Madagascar, Finland, Greenland, Italy, Russia, and Scandinavia.