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Lapis Lazuli Silver Brooch
Lapis Lazuli Silver Brooch

Lapis Lazuli Silver Brooch

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A Lapis Lazuli brooch set in hallmarked 925 Sterling Silver handmade in our Sheffield workshop.

This lovely brooch features a deep blue Lapis stone and a solid silver back. The stone size is 30mm x 25mm. The gorgeous gold specks on the stone show the high quality of this stunning piece.

As all stones are created naturally, each one is unique and may therefore vary from the image. However we guarantee they are of the highest quality and handpicked specifically for each design.

Now a little bit about the stone...

Lapis, this historical stone has a name closely associated with its intense colour. Its name was derived from the Latin word 'lapis' meaning 'stone', and from the Arabic and Persian word 'lazaward'. 'Lazaward" was the Persian name for lapis stone, as well as the name of its mining location. In other parts of the world, words for 'blue' were named after the colour of lapis lazuli, including the English word 'azure'; Italian 'azzurro'; Polish 'azur'; Spanish 'azur' and Romanian 'azuriu'. Today Lapis is still considered to be one of the most important opaque blue gemstones available.